24. Februar 2022

Road Lesson 16 (2022)



After the trouble in LA the Bodenburgs want to escape the big city. They go to the Death Valley National Park. It is very hot.

Lady: Oh my God, it is too hot, isn’t it?            

Bettina: Yes, it is. Actually, we wanted to do a hike, but I think that is not a good idea.

Lady: Why don’t you do a horseback ride, it is less exhausting.

Bettina: Oh yes, that sounds more interesting than walking …but I don’t know how to ride a horse.

Lady: That is no problem, they have groups for beginners.

Bettina: Oh good, I ask my husband! Thank you for the information!

Lady: You are welcome. Have a great day.


Lady: What did he say?

Bettina: He said YES!

Lady: Oh good, have fun!


Guide: Did you bring enough water?

Mark: Yes, we brought one big bottle each…

Guide: All right, let’s go!…

Mark: What was the highest temperature here in the valley?

Guide: Oh, that was in 1913, it was almost 140 degrees…Fahrenheit!

Mark: Really?! Unbelievable…


Activities: a full day trip, a half day trip, a bus/boat tour, a horseback ride, a rafting tour


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