3. Mai 2016

Road Lesson 2






Susan: Hello Bettina, hello Mark! It is nice to see you!

Mark: It is nice to see you, too!

Susan: How was your flight?

Mark: It was a little long, but good. Very quiet.

Susan: Were there a lot of people on the plane?

Mark: Yes, there were a lot, it was very crowded.

Susan: Are you tired?

Mark: A little bit. It was too cold to sleep.

Susan: Would you like to come to my place?

Mark: Yes, we would like to freshen up a little.

Susan: Ok, let’s go!

There were turbulences!

There were no blankets, ear phones, newspapers.

My flight was: nice, comfortable,terrible/awful, exhausting/tiring ,crowded

After the flight, I would like to: rest, take a nap,  sleep, change (clothes), eat/drink something, go to the hotel




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