25. März 2016

Road Lesson 1

Talking on phone





Susan: How are you?

Bettina: I am fine, thank you!

Susan: When are you leaving?

Bettina: I am leaving here in the morning and I am arriving in Phoenix  at 8 p.m.

Susan: Do you have everything for your trip?

Bettina: Yes, I have our passports, the camera, clothes – what else do I need?


Susan: Do you have Dollars?

Bettina: Yes, I do.


Susan: Hmm, do you have your sunglasses?

Bettina: Oh no, not yet – I must pack them.


Susan: Well, have a safe flight and see you tomorrow.

Bettina: Thank you. Yes, see you tomorrow.



Check list: money, passports, clothes, sunglasses, camera, shampoo, toothpaste

Packing the suitcase: hair dryer, credit cards, rain gear, sunscreen, medicine, bathing suit, emergency phone numbers, hiking boots  

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