30. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 14


Two neighbours talk about household appliances. This results in a little discussion about technology and automation.
Ben: Christina, good to see you! Look, what I just bought!
Christina: Is that an automatic lawn mower?
Tony: Yes and look at the special features!
It has an app that allows you to adjust the cutting height, start and stop the mower and manage a calendar –
all from your smartphone. And it plays music!
Christina: Music! Who is that intended for?
  Ben: Well, me – while I am having a coffee on the terrace. Or you – when it passes by your fence.
Christina: To be honest, I have some pretty strong reservations, when it comes to technical appliances and automating everything.
Ben: Well, I just love technical gadgets. Last week I bought an electric cheese grater.
Christina: Wow! And have you already used it?
Ben: No, but we have a game night every year just before Christmas where we serve home-made pizza and it will come in handy for that.
Christina: Another thing, how is Sammy doing? Did he recover from his surgery?
Ben: Oh yes, he’s over the worst! The vet said, he can exercise just like he did before, he won’t have any constraints.
Christina: That’s good to hear.
Ben: And to make sure he exercises just the right amount, I bought him an activity tracker –
a little device to count his steps, how many hours of sleep he gets, etc.
Christina: Wow, sounds like something a dog needs…
Listen Ben, I’d better go. I’m having my grandchildren over tonight and I want to make some popcorn.
Ben: Do you need our popcorn maker? I haven’t seen it in a while, but I’m sure I can find it in the attic for you.
Christina: That is very kind of you, but I’ll use my good old saucepan. Bye, Ben!
Ben: Take care, Christina!

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