17. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 15

Green Cities (I) 
Dr. Christian Baker is a biologist and landscape gardener.
He is giving an interview about how big cities are becoming greener.
Interviewer: Dr. Baker, can you tell us what the definition of a green city is?
Dr. Baker:  It would be my pleasure!
 ´Green` can mean that a city is environmentally friendly, that can be achieved by reducing waste, recycling with care and lowering emissions.
Interviewer: Do you have an example of a city that is doing really well at this?
Dr. Baker: One of the leading cities in this regard is Reykjavik, Iceland.
They have hydrogen-powered buses and they use renewable energy sources such as geo thermal power and hydropower
to provide the city’s heat and electricity.
But, being ´green` can also mean that cities are actually creating more green spaces, where people can get close to nature for education and recreation.
Interviewer: You mean as an addition to the “normal” parks that you find in most cities?
Dr. Baker: Exactly! While housing density increases, more space opens up that can be used for recreation, such as parks where even wild animals can roam.
Interviewer: Do you have any specific examples?
Dr. Baker: There are plenty. In London, for example, you have Camley Street Natural Park and the Woodberry Wetlands.

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