18. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 16

Green Cities (II)
Interviewer: But can plants and animals in these areas actually live and grow as if there were no big city next to them?
Dr. Baker: Unless it is an extremely polluted area, yes, there is no problem.
Most species are extremely adaptable to changes in their environment.
  So even if there is some urban influence, they are able to deal with it.
  Interviewer: What about cities like Hong Kong or Delhi, which are among the most polluted cities in the world?
Are there even any parks that people can go to for recreation?
Dr. Baker: Of course there are!
Admittedly, though, it is a little bit ironic to go to a park in a city where people wear medical masks to protect themselves from diseases and pollution.
Nevertheless, the climate in parks, no matter their size, is certainly better than in the city centre.
Interviewer: Is there any scientific proof to back that up?
Dr. Baker: There is! Research shows that trees and ground cover vegetation have significant cooling and clearing effects. Trees also shelter local wildlife!
Interviewer: Well, thank you very much, Dr. Baker, for sharing your insights.
Dr. Baker: It was a pleasure! Thank you for having me.

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