18. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 17

Modern work (I)
George is talking to his daughter Tiffany about her company.
In the course of the conversation they realize how much work environments and approaches to working life have changed.
George: It’s good to see you, dear. Would you like a coffee?
Tiffany: Yes, please. 
  George: Here you are. So, how’s business?
Tiffany: Oh Dad, that’s always your first question!
  George: Well, it is a very important question! Life depends on it.
Tiffany: Now, don’t be so dramatic – there is more to life than work!
People’s approach to work has changed a lot since you retired.
  George: Has it? How?
Tiffany: Let’s start with working hours. The nine to five has been replaced by more flexible working hours in some cases.
And I am not only talking about working from home, many companies also allow people to come and go as they want in the office.
  George: How do they get their work done?
Tiffany: You know, it is not about how much time you spend in the office.
It has been proven that people who work shorter hours are as efficient as
and sometimes even more efficient than people who stay there for eight hours and spend three of them killing time.
  George: Well, that depends on the job, I guess.  In my job I didn’t have time to kill,
I actually worked for 8 hours straight, except for a short lunch break.

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