21. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 18

Modern work (II)

Tiffany: Of course, there are jobs where you have to work a full shift, e.g. in tourism, restaurants, hospitals etc.

I am talking about office work where you can finish certain tasks in your own time or before a certain deadline.

George: You mean freelancing.

Tiffany: That is a different thing again. Freelancers are not employed, they are just hired for certain projects.

They have no corporate benefits such as social security, health insurance or paid leave.

I was just talking about a regular employee who can choose when they want to get their work done.

George: I can imagine that people are more efficient when they have the prospect of leaving as soon as they are done.
 You are more likely to dawdle, when you know you have eight hours ahead of you. So how do you handle it in your company?

Tiffany: We actually have three different working time models, because that has been proven to work best.

Since we are a manufacturing company we need to use shifts, so that the machines run as efficiently as possible.

Otherwise we would not be able to meet all our customers needs.

George: Yes, that’s how we used to do it in my day.

Tiffany: Our administrative staff work on flexible schedules with weekends off  

and we also have some freelancers for ´creative` jobs, such as marketing and sales.

George: That all sounds very reasonable.

Tiffany: Thanks, Dad. Happy employees are productive employees!

People are more likely to be happy and productive if they can work the way that suits them best.

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