23. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 21

A cruise (I)

Connie has just boarded the ship to go on her first cruise. She is talking to a man on deck.

Connie: I’m so excited! I’m finally taking a cruise.

Robert: Oh, so this is your first time?

Connie: Yes, I am so excited!

Robert: Well, I’m sure you will really enjoy it. It is a great way of travelling.

Connie: It sounds like you are an experienced cruise guest?

Robert: Yeah, I guess you could say that. This must be my 15th cruise, I’ve stopped keeping track.

Connie: Which routes have you already cruised?

Robert: Well, I started with some short cruises in the Baltic and the North Sea and then I got hooked and went on cruises to South Africa and Australia.

Connie: Wow, that sounds like a dream! So, I guess you know the Mediterranean like the back of your hand?

Robert: Actually, no. This is my first time. I always felt that the Mediterranean ports and destinations were too crowded.

But there are so many great things to see, so here I am.

Connie: What kind of cabin did you book, if I may ask?

Robert: I booked an inside cabin. And you?  

Connie: Everybody told me that I should book a balcony cabin to be able to enjoy the view at all times.

So that’s what I did. It was quite expensive to be honest.

Robert: Yes, I know. For my first cruises I always booked a balcony cabin,

but then I realised there was no need to spend that much money.  It actually depends on the type of cruise.

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