23. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 22

A cruise (II)
Connie: Could you explain that a little bit more? I’m Connie by the way.
Robert: My name’s Robert! Let’s say, if you have an overseas cruise with many days at sea, it is worth having a cabin with a view.
Otherwise you might feel “boxed in”.
Or if there is gorgeous scenery along the way like in Alaska, Norway or Panama, then I would always prefer being able to enjoy that from my cabin.
Connie: And what would you say are the advantages of an inside cabin, apart from the lower costs?
Robert: Well, let’s just say that there are not too many dis advantages in comparison to an outside cabin.
For example, I have the same access to all the services on board as any other passenger.
Connie: I haven’t even thought about that aspect. And, since this is quite a port-intensive cruise, we won’t be spending much time in our cabins anyway.
Robert:Probably not.
Connie: Well, Robert, it was great talking to you. I am going to explore the ship now.
Robert: Me, too. Take care!

Robert: Hey, what would you say about having dinner together?

Connie: Sounds great! 7 p.m. on the middle deck?

Robert: I´ll be there!

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