24. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 23

The holiday home (I)

Mr. and Mrs. Meyer have rented a holiday home in Sweden.

They are driving around in their car, but they cannot find the house. Mrs. Meyer calls the rental agency for help.

Agent: Sweden Summer Homes, Ole speaking.

Mrs. Meyer: Hello this is Linda Meyer. We have rented a holiday home in Valbo, but we cannot find it.

Agent: What address did you put in your GPS?

Mrs. Meyer: The one that we found under the pictures on the internet.

Agent: Oh, well, that is the address for the whole complex, but your house is at the very end, close to the water.

Mrs. Meyer: That sounds great!

Agent: Yes, the house is in one of the best locations in the complex.    

But in order to get there you have to drive past the main entrance and turn right onto the small gravel drive.

Then follow the signs until you see the windmill. There, you turn left and after about 200 meters you will see the house straight in front of you.  

Mrs. Meyer: Ok, we will try that…Where do we find the keys?

Agent: You should have the code for the key box in the confirmation email you received. Can you check that please?

Mrs. Meyer: Sure, can you hold on a second?

Agent: No problem.

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