25. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 25

At the pub (I)
Martina is a German, who works in London. She is enjoying an after-work beer with her colleague George in a pub.
Martina: That was an exhausting day, wasn’t it?  
George: It was indeed. I hope that next week will be quieter.
Martina: With the holidays starting I’m quite sure it will be. What will you have?
George: Just a light ale for me.
Martina: Won’t you have a gin and tonic with me? It’s on me.
George: Thanks very much, but I’m driving.
Martina: Oh yes, sorry, I forgot. You are going to see your family this weekend, right? 
George: Yes. My ex-wife has taken the kids to the Scottish Highlands and I am going to spend a couple of days with them. I’ve actually taken Monday off.
Martina: The Highlands! That is quite a long trip by car!
George: It is – that’s why I’m going to drive over night. It takes seven or eight hours.
Martina: You will be tired when you get there tomorrow.
George: I know, but that’s alright. You know I don’t get to see them very often since they moved to Edinburgh.
Martina: Yes, I know, you’ve told me. But didn’t your kids say they would like to come back to London once they’ve finished their A-levels?
George: That’s what they said, yes. They would like to go to university here. But that won’t be for a few more years.
Anyway, what are you going to do at the weekend?

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