28. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 26

At the pub (II)
Martina: Klaus and I have planned to visit Oxford, we’ve never been there.
George: Really? Then you should definitely go – it is always worth a visit. Are you going by car?
Martina: No, we have decided to take the train. I still haven’t got used to driving on the left, even after two years!
George: I understand. I have never tried to drive on the right, but I imagine it must be very hard.
Anyway, if you go by train you won’t have any trouble finding a parking spot.
Martina: Exactly, that is another point. And we both like taking the train, especially, as here in England they are always on time.
In Germany, the trains are not very reliable.
George: Really? I thought that the Germans were so famous for being punctual and reliable.
Martina:  In general yes, but that is not the case for the trains, unfortunately.
George: Well, another pint for me and then I’m off. What about you?
Martina: I’ll have the same.
George: Cheers!
Martina: Cheers!

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