29. Juni 2021

Come together Lesson 28

Visiting an English garden (II)
Visitor: I like these short hedges a lot! And what is on that little patch over there?
Tour guide: That is a small kitchen garden with herbs and vegetables.
Visitor: Wonderful, I actually have something similar at home, too.
Tour guide: If you look around, you’ll see a mix of perennials and annuals, herbs and vegetables, roses, shrubs and grass.
These can be considered the basic design elements of an English garden.
Visitor: I really like the bird bath over there, it is a real eye catcher!
Tour guide: It is indeed. Garden ornaments like that can be found in many English gardens.
They can also contain a statue, a Chinese pavilion or even a replica of a Greek temple.
Of course you need a lot of space in that case. But look over there.             
Natural-looking ponds or little lakes also contribute to the variety of elements in an English garden.
Sometimes you even find little bridges over the water or a pier overlooking the water.
Visitor: Oh, look at that little frog over there! And there’s another one! And look at that beautiful dragonfly!
Tour guide: Well, if you have such a wide variety of plants and flowers, shrubs, trees and even some water, you attract a lot of animals.  
If you like, you are now invited to enjoy a cup of tea and a scone in the little café at the entrance with a view over the garden.
Visitor: That sounds great! Oh yes, I could use a cup of tea now! Wonderful!

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