7. Dezember 2020

Come together Lesson 3

City or countryside (I)

City or countryside? (I)

Peter: Hi Joan!

Joan: Hi Peter! How are you?

 Peter: I’m fine, thank you. Long time no see!

Joan: I know it’s been ages! What have you been up to?

Peter: Well, when was the last time we talked to each other?
Did you know that my twin brother got married?

Joan: No way! Wasn’t he the eternal bachelor?

Peter: Yes, he was. But a year ago he met his future wife.
Apparently, it was love at first sight and they decided to take the plunge.

Joan: Unbelievable! I’m so happy for him!

Peter: What about you? What’s new?

Joan: My husband and I have just moved.
We were sick of our old neighbourhood,
so we sold our house and are renting a flat in the city centre for the time being.

Peter: That’s news! Are you planning to buy something new?

Joan: In the long term, yes. But we would like to take our time and find something we really like.

Peter: I understand. What about your job? Are you still working for the same company?

Joan: Yes, I am. It’s been 15 years already, can you believe it?
But I finally got a promotion two years ago and now I am working in the job I’ve always wanted.

Peter: That’s great, congratulations!

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