8. Dezember 2020

Come together Lesson 4

City or countryside?

City or countryside? (II)

Joan: What about you? Didn’t you have plans to go abroad?
I think I remember you talking about something like that.

Peter: That’s true. I was in South America for six months.
I wanted to stay longer but unfortunately my mother got very ill. That’s why I came back earlier.

Joan: I’m sorry to hear that. What are you doing now?

 Peter: We have moved to the countryside. We needed more space, because we took my mother in for a year.
But then she got worse and now she is in a nursing home.

Joan: Will you keep the house?

Peter: I think we will. We actually like living in the countryside.

Joan: What about Wendy. Does she like it, too?

Peter: In the beginning it was a little difficult for her, especially after our daughter, Melissa, had left the house.
But now she is used to it and she has found a job, too.
She also likes painting, mainly landscapes. It is so different when the kids move out.
What about you? Are you thinking of having a family?

Joan: Not really. Michael and I are so caught up in our jobs, that we would not have time for children.
And we love having the freedom to go on holiday whenever we have a little time to spare.

Peter: I see. Where do you normally go?

Joan: Well, for my job I have to travel to Asia a lot. I’ve seen quite a few countries and cities over there.
When we travel in our free time, we usually go to Europe. It is so different and the history and architecture are fascinating.

Peter: I can imagine. I’ve never been to Europe, can you believe it?
But I know South America pretty well.

Joan: And I have never been to South America. I am very interested in going, though

Peter: You should go when you have the chance! Now, that the children have moved out, Wendy and I would love to see a little more of the world, too.
I’m sorry Joan, I’ve got to run now, it was great talking to you!

Joan: It was! Take care!

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