10. Dezember 2020

Come together Lesson 6

Small talk at the hotel buffet

Small talk at the hotel buffet (II)

Lucy: Are you a New Yorker?
Ben: Well, I wasn’t born here, but my parents moved to the city from France when I was three years old, so it feels like home.
  Lucy: I can relate, I am not originally American either.
My family is from Germany.


Ben: That’s interesting! Did you know that there was a “Little Germany” in the Lower East Side of Manhattan?
Lucy: No way! But since you say there “was”, I guess it’s not there anymore.
Ben: No, unfortunately it has since disappeared due to a number of historical events,
but the neighbourhood is still worth a visit anyway.
Lucy: I’ll put it on my itinerary!
Well, I‘m glad you spilled your coffee, otherwise we would never have started chatting.
It was great talking to you.
Ben: Thank you, same here.  
If you need to go shopping for a new sweater the East Village is the place to go.

Lucy: Stop already, I had already forgotten about it. 
But thanks for reminding me. I should change before I head out. 
Ben: I’m Ben, by the way.
Lucy: I’m Lucy. Nice meeting you, Ben.

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