7. Mai 2021

Come together Lesson 10

Planing a day out

Planning a day out

Two friends are planning a day-out with their families. They are talking on the phone about how to plan the day.

Lisa: Hi Ryan, how is it going?
Ryan: Hi Lisa, everything’s great, thank you. So, are you up for a fun day with us tomorrow?
Lisa: Yes! We are all looking forward to it.
The weather is supposed to be mediocre, but I was thinking of going to the aquarium.
Ryan: Great idea, the kids will love it!
Oh, wait, I’m not sure if Susan will want to come, she’s against keeping animals in captivity.
Lisa: Ah yes, I remember. That one time we went to Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, she didn’t come either.
Ryan: What about your sister, do you think she’s interested in going?
Lisa: She likes the aquarium – she used to go there as a child with our grandad and she really cherishes those memories.
But if Susan wants to do something else while we are at the aquarium, she would join her, I’m quite sure.
Ryan: Alright, let’s say we spend the morning at the aquarium with the kids and then we join the others for lunch.
Then we can all do something together in the afternoon.
Do you have any suggestions?
Lisa: What about going to Camden? There’s bound to be something fun for everybody to do there.

Ryan: Excellent. I’ll talk to my family and tell them our ideas.
I’ll send you a message to confirm where and when to meet tomorrow.
Lisa: Great! See you tomorrow, bye.
Ryan: Bye!




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